About Samvada

Samvada (meaning dialogue) is an organisation that works with young people to build an equitable, socially just and sustainable world. We believe in empowering young people with values and perspectives to help them re-define relationships, work options, political affiliations and lifestyles.

About Baduku

Baduku Community College is an initiative of Samvada that was established to address young peoples’ need for livelihoods. Going beyond conventional notions of employability and corporatism, Baduku carves out careers from social needs that are rapidly becoming job markets.


Samvada offers a variety of services to organisations who share our vision of an inclusive and sustainable society. Designing and conducting workshops to sensitise youth to social and ecological issues.Designing and conducting Peer Counselling workshops for college students.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Samvada Invites applications from experienced and qualified candidates for the following positions

  • Programme Executive / Mentor - English

Last Date for Applying: October 30th, 2013


Are you interested in working with young people to build a just and humane society? Are you curious about young people and also capable of independent  research into youth issues, youth rights and young peoples dilemmas?

If yes,you can apply for a Samvada Fellowship which is open to individuals who want to work independently and to those who are affiliated/ attached to NGOs and youth groups.

Tuesday, 02 October 2012
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Please visit our new and improved website on: www.samvadabaduku.org 


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